The series tells the adventures of the Wawies in Wawaland, a tiny and colorful sphere that travels around the world carried by the wind. Wawaland's weather changes depending on where it is: if it passes over Moscow, it snows in Wawaland; if it flies over the Amazon, Wawaland is full of fauna and vegetation.

Its inhabitants are the Wawies, chubby, magical, and funny beings who freely explore their world and ours. The Wawies are eager to understand and get older while having fun. Their behavior is always based on kindness, respect, innocence, and teamwork.

Following the Wawies in Wawaland, kids will learn to value their natural environment, respect others, deal with their emotions, and not be afraid to be themselves, always using a funny and understanding tone.




Created by

Ton Pernas & Eva Pérez Misa

Written by

Eva Pérez Misa

Original Music by

Miquel Tejada

Directed by

Ton Pernas

Executive Producer

Jordi Oliva

Produced by

Emyli Kids S.L. &
Imagic Telecom S.L.

Distributed by

Meta Media Entertainment

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