Joining forces with Products of Change

Joining forces with Products of Changes
Joining forces with Products of Changes
Joining forces with Products of Changes
Joining forces with Products of Changes

Products of Change will facilitate global networking opportunities for members via an in-hub secure service, thereby driving peer-to-peer learnings and collaborations while building a community of sustainable champions. We do hope that you will join us in our mission to create a more sustainable planet.

Products of Change brings together a strong community of brand owners, retailers, content creators, innovators, manufacturing partners, and marketing experts who by learning and connecting through the platform can drive sustainable change within their respective businesses while maintaining a commercial footing.

As a membership organization, Products of Change is designed to support, encourage and perpetuate companies and brands in meeting their sustainability goals through education to inform change and peer-to-peer networking. 
With education at its heart, Products of Change is a global ‘living library’ of sustainable learnings (written, oral and visual) across a wide spectrum of topics, markets, and product areas. It will also host regular webinars and on-the-go learning podcasts for its members. 

Products of Change’s origins are in the licensing industry (intellectual property). Its huge stretch across all consumer product areas, the entire retail spectrum, an enormous amount of content, branded activity, and strong community of forwarding thinkers means those connected to licensing make up a large percentage of members, but Products of Change is very much open to all, in the belief that for change and improvements to be made, we all need to work together in sharing ideas and practices. 

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